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Warning - Microsoft Phone Scam

Written by ICS

Microsoft Phone ScamWay back on 11th November 2011, we posted a warning message on our Facebook page (, advising of telephone scams from cold callers to members of the public in Britain and Spain (particularly targeting elderly people). The caller pretends to be a representative of Microsoft and advises that they have identified a problem with your computer and that they can fix it for you. They ask you to perform  certain tasks on your computer, which will enable them to connect remotely and control your PC, however, once in, they actually plant viruses (for a follow-up call to you at a later date) and potentially steal your important personal data, then charge you for the privilege of doing so.

Understandably, a person with limited computer knowledge, will be concerned about having problems on their PC, particularly when advised by someone claiming to be from Microsoft, although these are professional confidence tricksters, so it’s possible to be caught out even if you are reasonably knowledgeable about technology. However, falling foul of this scam will lead to hundreds of Euros being charged to your credit card, not to mention the dangers of these people having the door opened wide to your computer and your personal data.

This particular scam is still very much alive and several of our customers have  advised us that even recently, they have received calls from crooks pretending to be from Microsoft.  We are aware of a small number of expats who have actually suffered heavy financial loss through this, but thankfully, there are many others who have been reluctant to yield to this confidence trickery.

We encourage everyone to be vigilant on these types of call. Never allow remote access to anyone unless you know them personally (certainly not on the strength of a call or email) and NEVER pay for that type of enquiry or give your credit card details to an unknown source for computer repairs. If in doubt, drop us a line via our contact page, give us a call (954323284), or pop into our shop in Mollina for advice.

This article was originally published in Inland Solutions Magazine, August/September 2013 edition

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